Yaoi Shake Scanlation

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We Need Staff 

Hai thur ~ 

Yaoi Shake Scans is a BL scanlation group (as if u hadn't noticed already) EHM- well anyway, we are in need of members, like...seriously in need of members.

one thing is we are a family before anything else, so any fighting, hating etc will get kicked out of YSS immediatly, so u have to be a good happy and friendly character....

LIKE ME   (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Dammit.....concentrate, well if you have skype that's a plus, be it if you want to join as a freelancer or a main member

also we're following a plan to make releases easier for the group, so EVERYONE who plans to join should put in mind that U MUST HAVE A BOX.COM ACCOUNT, yeah both main and freelancers.

Experience is not needed BUT FOR QC, so basic knowledge of the position ur seeking out to join is enough ~

for editing, cleaning, typesetting, quality checking AND proofreading we'll be testing you,  the test would be either pass or fail, so if you failed we'll be giving you a document with your mistakes and how to fix them, yet ur not gonna join YSS  ( ┰ω┰ )

Please notice that we are gonna answer via MAIL since it seems like most of who applied didn't know that.

before filling out the form you have to check the position you seek to join as first here ~

If you want to add or ask anything before you enter just type it in the message box.

Also if you are busy please note us in the message box , we like to know our members schedule.

please DO NOT send multiple messages to us , we see our messages and WE WILL answer them once we have time .

Thank you for your concern in helping us out ~

::: Cleaner :::

You’ll have to rotate, crop, level, CLONE, REDRAW and clean up unwanted dust.

Requirements: No experience needed, but you must have patience and motivation because we have a set standard of quality to follow. If we think you’re not up to par, we’ll be training you.

::: Typesetter :::

JoYour job is to replace Japanese text with English text from a script of translations aesthetically. Most sound effects and small/side texts need to be replaced. You may have to do some cloning and redrawing if the area’s too complicated for the cleaner to redraw.

Requirements: No experience needed, but you must have patience and motivation because we have a set standard of quality to follow. If we think you’re not up to par, we’ll be training you.

::: Editor :::

You need to do both cleaning and typesetting. If anything was hard for the cleaner or typesetter you'll be taking it from them so don't expect something easy .

Requirements: No experience needed but prefered , we might put you in typesetting or cleaning if your skills weren't up to the part

::: Japanese/Chinese Translators :::

You’re required to translate from Japanese/Chinese to English. Sound effects (sfx) aren’t a must to be translated, but it’ll be awesome if you could do it. Do note that some projects do not come with Furigana.

Requirements: No experience needed, as long as you have good command of Japanese/Chinese and know English well enough to write properly. We’ll have someone to check for accuracy if you need us to do so.

::: Scanners :::

We love our editors and we don’t want to torture them. SO, scanners will have to debind their book in whatever way they’re comfortable with and scan the book. Scanners have to be willing to fork their own money out to buy the manga.

Requirements: Able to scan at 300dpi for grayscale images and 600dpi for coloured images. Images must be saved in uncrush and uncompressed formats. Preferably in PSD.

::: Quality Checkers ::

Final leg of scanlating. Your job is to check the release file for any editing and script errors. You need to work directly with Photoshop to fix the errors so you need to know some basics like leveling and typesetting , but we understand if you wrote some things down if it's too hard for you.

Requirements: Must have experience scanlating to know what errors to look out for.

::: Proofreaders :::

Basically, your job is to correct grammatical and spelling errors of a translated script. You’re allowed to restructure sentences for sentence flow, so that it’s less awkward (aka less Japlish). You’ll be given raws for cross referencing.

Requirements: No experience needed, just need an awesome command of English.